Andrés Bello Prize

Awarded during the 80th online session of the Geneva based Institute de Droit International


René Cassin Thesis Prize 2021

Awarded the English language prize by the Strasbourg based Foundation that was founded by René Cassin in 1969


European Public Law Organization Thesis Prize 2020

Awarded by the Scientific Council in Sounion


Quotes and endorsements

This book provides illuminating perspectives on how to strengthen corporate social responsibility by all stakeholders in a highly competitive global arena.

Graduate Institute Geneva

An admirable quality of the book is its ability to work seamlessly between numerous, complex, legal and regulatory orders. By its nature, Business and Human Rights is a truly transnational field of law in which the dividing lines between jurisdictions and levels of law are blurred.

This book deserves to be widely read both by lawyers and policy-makers.

MARK DAWSON Professor,
Hertie School of Governance Berlin
University of Groningen
JO SHAW Professor,
University of Edinburgh

Public book talks

15 November 2022 (16h30-18h) Vrije Universiteit Brussel and online (discussant: João Teixeira de Freitas; organiser: Kristin Henrard)

24 November 2022 (13h-14h) KULeuven and online (moderator: Teresa Cabrita; organiser: Elise Muir)

1 December 2022 (12h15 - 13h15) Université Libre de Bruxelles (moderator: Anne Lagerwall; organiser: Samara Hussain)

19 December 2022 (15h30-17h) University of Amsterdam and online (moderator: Ingo Venzke; organiser: Ellysia van der Werf)

20 December 2022 (12h30-14h) Ghent University (moderator: Tom Ruys; organiser: Frederik Rogiers)

18 January 2023 (13h-14h) Leiden University (organisers: Melanie Fink and Vestert Borger)

23 February 2023 (12h15-14h00) Geneva Graduate Institute (discussant: Agustín Giustiniani; moderator: Karem Cardenas Ynfanzon; organisers: Anne Saab and Fuad Zarbiyev)

1 March 2023 (14h) Geneva Support Group for the Western Sahara, side event 52nd session UN Human Rights Council (organiser: Gianfranco Fattorini)

28 March 2023 (12h30-14h) University of Antwerp (moderator: Janet Sego; organisers: Johan Meeusen, Deborah Casalin and Aleksandra Kubinska)